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Assess your current level of resilience and Our employee resilience training helps your staff better understand and manage their resilience at work. We offer a range of useful e-learning modules that are designed to help your team build resilience and create a better work-life balance.

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What’s a resilient mindset?

There are many things we can do each day to build our resilience to not only survive through a difficult period but actually thrive.

We have partnered with resilience coach, Timothy Giles, and registered psychologist, Anton Ashcroft, to help you understand that our different life experiences have led us to all have very different levels of resilience, and what we have in common is the ability to build up our adaptability, no matter how low we think our resilience level is.

These 3 modules have been designed to work together as a package, with each module containing 10-15 minutes of learning. As a training package, this content will help you grow through:

  • Understanding and managing resilience with practice, prevention, and care.
  • Learning how to manage stress, and how it can be used to help achieve your goals.
  • Using techniques to build resilience and a self-care plan.
  • Better management of triggers to help create a work-life balance.

Our Three Resilience Training Modules Include:

the resilient mindset
The Resilience Mindset – Read More

The Resilience Mindset module turns the “one size fits all” approach (common in discussions on resilience) on its head. This training helps people understand that our different life experiences have led us to all have very different levels of resilience—and what we do have in common, is the ability to build up our resilience, no matter how low it may be.

You’ll learn about:

  • The standard definition of “resilience”
  • Defining what resilience means to you as an individual
  • How to manage your personal triggers


building blocks of resilience
Building Resilience – Read More

There are many practical things we can do every day to build up our individual resilience and to not just survive a difficult period but actually thrive instead. The building blocks of this resilience module will take your staff through the basics of how to expand and build upon their current resilience levels.

You’ll learn about:

  • Discover the three simple parts to building resilience (Practice, Prevention, and Care)
  • Learn how some stress can actually be helpful to achieve our goals
  • Consider some techniques to build resilience and create a self-care plan
measuring your resilience
Measuring Resilience – Read More

Measuring Your Resilience is a module that allows your staff to assess their current levels with fun interactive quizzes and is designed to take your staff through the neuroscience of resilience in very simple terms.

You’ll learn about:

  • Discover the myths of resilience and consider how these have impacted them personally
  • Understand the effects of resilience on the brain at an organic level
  • Identify the four traits that allow someone to be resilient (Confidence, Social Support, Purpose, and Adaptability) and assess their personal resources

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You can trust the learning with our experts

Anton Ashcroft

Registered psychologist

Timothy Giles

Resilience coach and researcher

Skillpod’s resilience training draws on the experienced guidance of

Anton Ashcroft

A registered psychologist who trained within the UK prison service before providing psychological support for the homeless while developing Drug Rehab programmes for the prison service. Over the last eight years, Anton has combined supervision for prison psychologists with neuroscience-focused leadership training and coaching. This expertise in neuroscience makes Anton a perfect fit to deliver science-based strategies for building resilience, and the effects resilience can take on your brain at an organic level.


Timothy Giles

Resilience coach and researcher, Timothy is a true believer in the power of listening. He has worked with groups from businesses to long-term unemployed youth. Both have brought an ongoing source of motivation and insight. Part of Timothy’s understanding comes from his personal experience of two TBI (traumatic brain injuries) which have given him a unique take on resilience. Life experience, good or bad, provides an opportunity to develop new knowledge to not just bounce back from the challenges but to leap forward.

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