Support your people’s personal development and the growth of your business with Skillpod’s microlearning for human skills.

Successful organisations know that a skilled and future-ready workforce is key to delivering business outcomes in today’s challenging labour market. Skillpod’s microlearning library offers topic templates that you can quickly and easily tailor to create bespoke training to bring human and communication skills development into your everyday real world.

Our Microlearning Packages

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Better Iduction package by Skillpod
Setting up for hybrid working package by Skillpod
Everyday business communication package by Skillpod
Strengthen Your Resilience package by Skillpod
Increase your productivity
Effective Leadership
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Performance Improvement

How Skillpod works – it’s easy as

With Skillpod microlearning for human skills you can Pick the topic or package that is right for your business need and Tailor it to connect with your people, then choose to Own it or loan it depending on the level of learning management system you have. We can then help you Use it with the right implementation model. It’s easy as.

EMA’s vision is to lead an ecosystem of support, advice and training for New Zealand businesses and their people so both can succeed and thrive. With over 8,000 member businesses, covering around 40% of the NZ workforce, the Employers and Manufacturers Association is one of New Zealand’s largest business associations.

Airways and Skillpod share the desire to do things right, to do them well, and for the right reasons. It was this desire that aligned us in helping Airways with their quest to provide training for employees on anti-bullying, harassment and discrimination. 

Heron Group, a leading NZ marine construction company, approached Skillpod to develop a leadership capability solution suitable for frontline leaders on their construction sites. The need for such a solution stemmed from significant growth and expansion in recent years and a commitment to health and safety.

Thoughts from the Skillpod team

intended vs emergent strategies

Intended versus emergent strategies – Which one are you?

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Setting the scene for success – getting the implementation right