Become a Reseller

Your Business/Consultancy

Our modules are a resource that can provide an ongoing income stream. Add to your learning and development offering and support team development beyond your face-to-face sessions by adding Skillpod modules to your kete.

Your Industry Association

A great learning culture drives company performance through organisational and individual capability growth. As an Association, you’re in a key position to support members to build their own learning culture and in doing so, adding value to your members. 

Curate module packages that support your members to develop their business or their professional development offering. Then either resell modules to your members or provide them as ‘value add’ to support their learning journey.

Become a SmartSkills Consultant

Today’s workplaces need to invest in the learning and development of their workforce to stay future fit in the complex and competitive world of work.

Our SmartSkills consultancy helps organisations with limited Learning and Development experience create their personal learning journey.

We are building our SmartSkills consultancy across New Zealand and are keen to work with experienced L&D consultants to bring our Learning Journey to organisations across the Motu.

Why use Skillpod

Learning with Skillpod is super easy with no upfront costs.

Whether you’re part of an Accountancy or Law firm, in HR or Recruitment or Professional Development, Skillpod  is a ‘no cost’ option to support your client’s or members’ learning journey. 

Our instruction designers and learning specialist will work with you to curate a learning journey that supports your peoples learning and development goals.