About Us

At Skillpod we’re all about creating supportive, usable and engaging eLearning that builds the capability of businesses and their people  in New Zealand, and around  the world.

We are learning and development experts and we work with leading subject matter experts to create award winning content.

No stodgy, box ticking content that gets forgotten the moment the module closes. 

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Skillpods values, vision and mission

Our craft is bringing eLearning to life. 

We help take the learning into the real world. We create blended learning that engages your people and their needs so that your organisation gets results. 

Our innovative library of templated micro-modules can be purchased as packages, or you can pick and mix your own collection. If we don’t have a module that meets your needs we’re happy to create it for you.

Whether your needs fit within our Use It models or if you’re looking for a more personalised offering through our SmartSkills Consultancy, with Skillpod you can deploy effective eLearning to your team faster, better, and more cost effectively than doing it yourself.

Join our growing community of over 50,000 learners in organisations ranging from owner-operators and small to medium businesses, to corporates and government agencies around the world.