Maintaining your wellbeing when working in a hybrid working environment

Uncover opportunities to put wellbeing first when considering hybrid working.

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This module is part of a series that helps teams develop effective hybrid working practices. It supports your teams to manage wellbeing in a hybrid workplace.

Over the past couple of years we have all been challenged with working differently, with workplaces now supporting or exploring the benefits of hybrid working. This poses a challenge of how we manage wellbeing in a hybrid workplace. Hybrid working offers many benefits — like flexibility of where we work offering a better work/life balance. However, wellbeing can decline if remote workers feel lonely or isolated, find it hard to disconnect from work, or struggle to find their work/life balance.

Everyone needs to find their own boundaries, and commit and communicate to them.

This module will support your people to manage wellbeing in a hybrid workplace. It explores what boundaries might look like, and how they can be managed. It will help your people to:

  • Discover how hybrid working can impact wellbeing
  • Review their confidence to maintain their wellbeing
  • Reflect on strategies to manage their wellbeing

Learning time: 5 — 10 minutes

Tailoring options — Like all Skillpod modules, this module is ready to use immediately, or can be tailored to suit the needs of your business and people. Find out more about our tailoring options.