How are you planning to achieve growth and support your bottom line in the face of challenges ranging through Covid adaptability, supply chain disruption and recruitment and retention issues?

Your business needs to be future facing to adapt, change and move collectively forward as a team.

Do you have all the answers?

The good news is that you don’t have to… join us to find out about creating a learning environment

Your People are the key to your success in 2022 and beyond.

You hired them for the great set of skills they brought to your business, the problem is that that is past focused, now you need to give them the skills that are future focused to help you achieve your goals.

Learning & Development is indispensable in steering your business through change. A good learning environment:

  • Allows your people to gain personal growth, while your business gains adaptability and strategic alignment.
  • Learning and development is a cheaper way to build capability than recruitment
  • makes employment at your business more desirable by strengthening your internal brand.
  • Turn the table on losing institutional knowledge and skills.

But traditional L&D, based on the schooling model (those training ‘events’ that come to mind when you think of L&D) is dying. Traditional L&D struggles to bring learning into the real world for lasting change and measures attendance and satisfaction, not results.

A contemporary learning environment will steer you through change – it’s an indispensable part of building your future business capability. A Learning Environment:

Needs to be worker led, not top down: 

Sharing your business goals and aspirations for 2022 and beyond is just good business practice but dictating how you get there isn’t.

Your workers need to be engaged to identify and problem solve around what they need to get to where you want to be, then build a plan over which they have a sense of ownership which leaves them gaining skills personally and results for the business.

Less is More:

You need to target your L&D efforts, to enable your people to solve their daily work issues to get the job done. No one needs ‘presentation training’ until they need to deliver one. 

But when they can get what they need when they need it – that’s engagement. 

Micro learning – short training modules in 10-15 minute bite sized pieces, gives your people the answers they need in a manner that maintains engagement while fitting into current workflows and supporting productivity and positive outcomes.

Training needs to be available when your people need it, not scheduled. Replace training days with social learning

The forgetting curve is a real thing as we have all sat through training days and then not needed that information until months later. Instead offer your teams the ability to find and discuss the problem they are trying to solve when it becomes a point of need.

Track results that directly impact your business success and your bottom line.

A learning environment allows you to be agile in assessing your needs and measuring the impact, while you integrate performance development pathways that offer guidance to achieve success in your bottom line.

Not just available to the corporate market, a good learning environment is about better teams and building capacity to support them to become future facing, adaptable, problem solvers and open to change, building skills like:

  • Communication training
  • Leadership training
  • Productivity training
  • Culture & Diversity training

Nor is it the preserve of ‘the big boys’ with L&D departments and ‘management programmes’.

Good L&D is critical to businesses of all sizes and stages from small start-ups to multigenerational fixtures in the business world as it helps people adapt and succeed it the ever changing business world.

At Skillpod we’re experts in delivering goal focused online training that gets real world results and supports you in achieving your business goals. 

If you’re interested in building your business capability and your people going forward: