Skillpod modules are built for you and ready to go

or you can tailor them for your people, your place and your brand.

Here’s how it works

Skillpod modules are built for you

and can be tailored for your people, your place and your brand.

Here’s how it works

pick it

Pick it

Tailor it

Tailor it

Host it

Host it or Own it

Pick it

pick and choose

Pick and choose the learning modules you need from our library of learning.
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Learning needs survey form

We’ve developed the content you’ve told us you need most. If you don’t see what you need just let us know.

Tailor it

Make every module yours with tailoring options to suit all needs and budgets


Get your company logo added to modules and packages.


If you would like to change the wording or include where not currently available.

Image swap

Swap the images to yours.

Wording swap

Change parts of the module. Include or exclude content to suit your environment.

Custom scenario activity

Watch and respond to a situation that is based on your workplace or we can craft a pick-a-path scenario that challenges your learners further.

Onboarding assets

We make it easy to introduce new learning to your team with introduction blurbs and images for use with your internal communications.

Host it or Own it

OWN IT – if you have an in-house Learning Management System, we can provide the SCORM or HTML files for you to onboard and integrate into your system.

HOST IT – No in-house system? We can host the learning for you on our cloud-based server. Users will be able to access the learning from any location and you’ll have full control over the back end and analytics from the learning with a 12 month hosting licence.

Frequently asked questions

Modules and courses

What do I get in my modules or courses?

The exact items depend on the module or course you’ve purchased. For a complete breakdown, please see the product page of the module or course.

Generally speaking, Skillpod modules include a fully functional elearning module that can be hosted on a learning management system or webserver. This module includes all related assets like videos, images, and so on.

What does it mean if my module has a “licence”?

Modules with a licence (whether it’s 12 months, 6 months, or any other length of time) have a limited access period when your learners can complete the course. When this period ends, you won’t have access to the module or course, so we talk to us before then about the options that are available.

My licence is about to expire soon and I want to keep it going. What should I do?

Talk to our team to get your licence extended or renewed. You may also want to consider using a refresher version of the module (if it has one available).

Help! I’m having trouble with a hosted module!

Yikes, that’s not good! Please contact our team to sort this out. If your query is urgent, please phone our office at +64 (09) 373 4782.

We work very closely with hosting partners and can liaise directly with them to sort out any issues.

If you are using Internet Explorer as your web browser, we recommend using another option.

Internet Explorer has too many different versions available so it is not possible for Learning Management Systems to work on them all. In fact, lots of web based software companies have discontinued supporting Internet Explorer. If this is your only browser option then please contact us and we will do our best to get your module working on it. 

What tools do you use to create Skillpod modules?

This depends on the subject matter and where the module is being hosted. Generally speaking, our team likes to use common e-learning programs like Articulate Storyline 360 and Adobe Captivate, as well as Adobe Creative Cloud. But mostly we use our brains and creativity.

Purchases, invoices and orders

What happens when I order or pre-book my courses or modules?

Your order gets sent to our team, who will then get in touch to finalise the details of your customisation. They’ll also send an invoice (either the full amount or a pre-booking fee), which you’ll need to pay to get full access to your course or module.

How do I pay (or how do I get my company to pay)?

We currently use an invoicing system for payment. Once you’ve placed your order, we send an invoice to you for payment. We can also format this invoice to suit your company’s internal systems, such as adding Purchase Order numbers or addressing the invoice to a specific person.

Help! I’ve pre-booked a module but I need it before the launch date listed on your website. What should I do?

Please contact our team, and we’ll see what we can do for you.

My company has very specific payment requirements. Can you work in with those?

Absolutely! Have a chat with our team to sort out the details.

Do you take credit card payments?

Not at the moment, sorry. But we may consider the option in the future.

My invoice mentions “Smartwork Creative”, why is that?

Smartwork Creative Ltd is the company that owns and operates Skillpod. You’ll get all invoices under this name. If you need clarification for your company’s invoicing procedures, please send us an email – we’re a friendly bunch!

Learn more about us at www.smartworkcreative.co.nz.


Can I really tailor a course or module?

Yes! Skillpod is built on the concept of giving you and your company ownership of your training and learning. Tailoring options are listed on product pages, and we can help you through the process so you get a module that meets your requirements.

I need a module customised in a different way from the options listed. What should I do?

Talk to us! We’ve got a team of learning designers who can help create the module you need. We can also come up with flexible pricing options to suit your budget.

How come certain modules have different tailoring options?

Sometimes course content needs to stay a certain way due to copyright restrictions, or to keep the integrity of the learning material and learning process. If you want to tailor a module but aren’t finding an option that works for you, talk to our team, and we can create a solution for you.


I’ve got an idea for a module or course. Are you open to development partnerships?

Yes we are! We’re always on the hunt for people with great content who want to develop this into elearning modules. Talk to us about partnerships.

Need something else?

We’re keen to help!
Talk to us if you need another option that isn’t on this list.
We’ll put together a solution that works for you.

Are you after something really, really specific?

The team at Smartwork Creative can put together a custom-built learning solution for you.