Wellness culture

Drive innovation for a creative
workplace culture that you
and your team can be inspired by.

Learning Outcomes
  • Recognise and effectively solve conflict or miscommunication within your team to create positive outcomes
  • Actively demonstrate and promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace with an understanding of unconscious bias to ensure your business stays competitive
  • Implement strategies to help staff create safe work environments by encouraging accountability and peer support
  • Support growth and development with techniques to strengthen positive working relationships between staff, and leadership teams
  • Create a better response to challenges and overcome difficulties with greater ease

To strengthen the wellness culture at your place it is essential to invest in your people so everyone is constantly improving together. The benefits of a positive culture are limitless and measurable.

To have influence you must start by creating a team that accepts that learning and unlearning are part of everyday life and acknowledge that experimentation can lead towards innovation and creativity that everyone can gain from.

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Strengthen your wellness culture with

Unconscious Bias

Accelerate your understanding of diversity and inclusion with world-class training.


Discover and understand your strengths so you can develop strategies to thrive during adversity.

You can trust the learning with our experts.

New Zealand’s national body for workplace diversity and inclusion.

Anton Ashcroft

Anton Ashcroft
Registered psychologist

Timothy Giles

Timothy Giles
Resilience coach & researcher

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Helping to grow productive and profitable businesses across NZ

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Anton Ashcroft

A registered psychologist who trained within the UK prison service before providing psychological support for the homeless while developing Drug Rehab programmes for the prison service. Over the last eight years Anton has combined supervision for prison psychologists with neuroscience focused leadership training and coaching. This expertise in neuroscience makes Anton a perfect fit to bringing science-based strategies for building resilience, and the effects resilience can take on your brain at an organic level.


Timothy Giles

Resilience coach and researcher. Timothy is a true believer in the power of listening. He has worked with groups from businesses to long-term unemployed youth. Both have brought an ongoing source of motivation and insight. Part of Timothy’s understanding comes from his personal experience of two TBI (traumatic brain injuries) which have given him a unique take on resilience. Life experience, good or bad, provides an opportunity to develop new knowledge to not just bounce back from the challenges but to leap forward.

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Diversity Works 

They exist to help organisations do diversity and inclusion well, and do well because of it. Since being established as the Equal Opportunities Trust in 1992, they have been sustained by a unique partnership between government and employers.

They contribute positively to workplace cultures of inclusion through their mahi with 460 members organisations of all types and sizes, all around the mōtu.

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The Hospitality Company

Helping to grow productive and profitable businesses across New Zealand, to increase success and sustainability.  

They have a desire to see a deep and broad level of business success and they see their job as making industry more rewarding from every angle. With their workplace culture expertise incorporated into your place, you can attain and retain your skilled employees, deliver better workplace relationships and experiences, and improve profits.