Module 2 — The Brain and Unconscious Bias

Support your people to understand the neuroscience behind unconscious bias with this unconscious bias training.

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This unconscious bias training is part of a series of unconscious bias modules. It enables your people to understand the neuroscience behind unconscious bias. 

Diversity is all around us — increased global competition, migration, and advancements in technology have changed the makeup of organisations and how they operate. Organisations must make a cultural shift to unlock the value of diversity. However, a diverse workforce alone does not result in economic benefits for an organisation. This is where unconscious bias comes in.

The way we think, interact and make decisions influences peoples’ sense of inclusion and belonging within an organisation. But this must be done right. According to the Harvard Business Review, the most effective unconscious bias training goes beyond awareness of bias by supporting learners to manage their biases, change behaviours, and connect with people whose experiences are different from theirs.

This module covers:

Module 2 – The Brain and Unconscious Bias

In module Two of our Unconscious Bias journey we’re delving into the intricacies of the human brain, exploring how it perceives differences and why it reacts as it does.

We’ll start with the big picture – the human brain’s core parts and functions. You’ll learn about the reptilian brain, amygdala, mammalian brain, and prefrontal cortex, each contributing to behaviour, emotion, cognition, and survival.

Learning time: 15 — 20 minutes

Tailoring options — Like all Skillpod modules, this unconscious bias training is ready to use immediately, or can be tailored to suit the needs of your business and people. Find out more about our tailoring options.