Working with Purpose

Increase your team’s performance by leading your team to become more productive with practical tips on how to collaborate, smash deadlines and manage their workflows.

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Increase your team’s performance, smash deadlines and manage workflows with practical tips for writing objectives and KIPs.

Objectives and Key Performance Indicators (or KPIs) help businesses, teams and individuals to measure performance. Objectives are a mechanism to define goals (whether they be financial or operational); KPIs are the indicators set against these goals to define what success looks like.

Businesses that have clear and aligned goals and expectations are more likely to achieve better performance. Setting goals and monitoring progress helps teams and individuals make adjustments to stay on track and work together to seize opportunities and solve collective problems.

Objectives and KPIs don’t just benefit organisations. Individuals and teams that monitor their performance and adjust focus to enable achievement of their goals experience continuous improvement. This results in increased morale, workplace satisfaction and continued personal growth.

This module supports your people with practical tips about:

  • writing objectives and setting KPIs
  • planning and implementing solutions
  • prioritising and meeting deadlines
  • using strategies to ensure positive workflows

Learning time: 10 — 15 minutes

Tailoring options — Like all Skillpod modules, this module is ready to use immediately, or can be tailored to suit the needs of your business and people. Find out more about our tailoring options.