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Stay flexible and responsive while keeping teams accountable.

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As businesses become more flexible and responsive to the opportunities of working in multiple locations, leaders need new skills to keep their team accountable and productive.

Leading a team that may be working from anywhere on any given day presents its own challenges that can be easily turned into opportunities with the right set of tools and techniques. With effective delegation, managing conflict and resilience this package will provide your leaders with the skills required to continue leading their team in the same direction.

These 5 modules have been handpicked by our instructional designer and contain 1.25 hours of learning.

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In the Working from home – Leading your team remotely module, you’ll find strategies to help your managers and people leaders effectively and proficiently keep their teams working together collaboratively, even with a distance barrier.

Learning outcomes:

  • Recognising and accommodating different working styles in your team
  • Adapting a leadership style to suit your team or situation
  • Establishing team norms to help them work collaboratively at a distance
working with remote teams
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The Working with remote teams module helps businesses “work smarter, not harder” when not everyone is in the office. Today’s effective leaders are the ones who manage to keep their scattered team connected and moving in the same direction.

Learning outcomes:

  • Maximise your interpersonal skills to work efficiently with remote team members while enabling them to feel part of the team.
  • Communicate effectively when you’re not all in the same workspace
  • Give and receive feedback that gets results
  • Find solutions to client or business issues when your team works remotely


working with purpose
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The Working with purpose module will help you lead your team to become more productive with practical tips on how to collaborate, smash deadlines and manage their workflows.

Learning outcomes:

  • How to correctly set workplace objectives or KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Planning and implementing solutions to issues your team may face
  • How to prioritise projects and meet deadlines
  • Methods, factors, and strategies to ensure positive workflow in your workplace
effective delegation
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The Effective delegation module will equip you to help your people meet their goals and deadlines by understanding how to delegate work and responsibilities properly.

Learning outcomes:

  • Different strategies for effective delegation to suit your team
  • How productivity relates to the mental health and well-being of your team
mentoring your team
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The Mentoring your team module will help your people leaders set the benchmark of expected behaviours and standards, and turn difficult conversations into mentoring opportunities.

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify opportunities for mentoring 
  • Support teams and individuals achieve their goals
  • Support team members with inconsistent behaviours while they make the changes they need
  • Give constructive and timely feedback that gets heard

Leaders need new skills to keep their teams moving in the same direction when taking advantage of working in different ways. With the best from our Leadership, Productivity and Culture modules, we have selected the right mix to keep your business responsive to the opportunities a ‘work from anywhere’ team is presented.

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