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Meet your facilitator Helen Garner

Helen Garner the Time Mastery facilitator

Hi, I’m a skilled business trainer, mentor, manager, strategist and communicator, with hands-on experience in working with the differing cultures of small business, large corporate, local government and not for profit organisations.  

I find that people have many ways to get a job done, but few have the big picture approach that is needed to make the most of the time and energy they have to get things accomplished. 

For this course I encourage you to start the learning journey at your own pace and then join into the discussion so you are able to make the behaviour change needed to be more productive.

In a learning environment, I draw on the understanding and know-how I have gained from working with employees and owners in the areas of professional, personal, and business development, and complement this with discussions on the latest thinking, established theory and best practice in the given subject. 

I am passionate about helping people to develop their leadership potential and approach my training from the perspective that people come first. I bring a different perspective to any learning situation and share this in a uniquely entertaining and engaging way. 

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Use communication technology efficiently to maximise information flow when working in and out of the office.
  • Effectively prioritise your daily routine from exhausting reactivity to responsive and proactive quality output.
  • Gain achievement by using SMART goal setting.
  • Plan and schedule your day, your week, your month, your year for maximum effect.
  • Identifying opportunities for effective delegation and outsourcing.
  • Enjoy better professional and personal relationships through enhanced communication skills.


The learning pathway:

Begin by completing a Skillpod elearning micro-module in your own time, then join in with Helen to discuss and refine the techniques you have learnt with your fellow course participants.

Now you will want to try these techniques out in your own environment. What works for you, what doesn’t?

Come back into the group setting and share your findings, tweak the techniques and begin to build the habits that will give you back control of your time.

Call 022 653 9579 to find out more on the course.

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Tuesday 20th October at 2:30pm

Thursday 22nd October at 6:00pm

  • In total this course will be 6-10 hours of self-directed and facilitated training over three weeks.

$380 +GST

In this learning journey, you will:

  • Progress at your own pace
  • Be part of the group discussion
  • Put new ideas into action
  • Reflect, discuss and challenge with your coach

Part one: begin now at your own pace

Increase your efficiency elearning micro-module.

Part two: 1hr group online session with coach

Choose the time that works for you.

Part three: at your own pace

Continue your learning with a second micro-module and take the time to put the techniques into practice.

Part four: 1 hour online group discussion

Join the group to discuss what’s worked for you.

Enjoy a real world and online approach to pace your learning and put into practice the skills needed to create behavioural change.


eLearning modules

Online facilitated discussion

Self-directed exploration

Group reflection