Self Care

How do you keep a healthy work-life balance?

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With the right training your people will be able to self-manage their needs to keep meeting targets with a healthy work-life balance.


A great proactive approach to supporting your staffs’ mental well-being is to give them tools and coping skills before they need them. Stress and anxiety have a huge impact on staff morale as well as their physical health, which in turn can drastically affect a business’ bottomline due to absenteeism. Help your staff by giving them proven tools and techniques to manage and maintain a healthier state of mind.

These 5 modules have been handpicked by our instructional designer and contain 1.25 hours of learning.

the resilient mindset
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The resilient mindset module turns on its head the “one size fits all” approach common in discussions on resilience. It helps you understand that our different life experiences have led us to all have very different levels of resilience, and what we do have in common is the ability to build up our resilience no matter how low it may be.

Learning outcomes:

  • The standard definition of “resilience”
  • Defining what resilience means to you as an individual
  • How to manage your personal triggers
building blocks of resilience
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There are many practical things we can do every day to build up our individual resilience and to not just survive a difficult period, but actually thrive instead. The Building blocks of resilience module will take your staff through the basics of how to expand and build upon their current resilience levels.

Learning outcomes:

  • Discover the three simple parts to building resilience (Practice, Prevention, and Care)
  • Learn how some stress can actually be helpful to achieve our goals
  • Consider some techniques to build resilience and create a self-care plan
measuring your resilience
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Measuring your resilience allows your staff to assess their current levels with fun interactive quizzes and is designed to take your staff through the neuroscience of resilience in very simple terms.

Learning outcomes:

  • Discover the myths of resilience and consider how these have impacted them personally
  • Understand the effects of resilience on the brain at an organic level
  • Identify the four traits that allow someone to be resilient (Confidence, Social Support, Purpose, and Adaptability) and assess their personal resources
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The Increase Your Efficiency module has been created to enable your people to create and implement strategies, which maximise their time so they can complete all goals and tasks in order of importance.

Learning outcomes:

  • What performance efficiency is
  • Applying strategies to increase your performance efficiency in the workplace
navigating workplace politics
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Navigating workplace politics teaches you to use both your formal and informal influence to become a positive change-maker in your team and workplace. Learn to make the most of your workplace relationships in a way that is healthy and respectful.

Learning outcomes:

  • Better understand the benefits of positive workplace politics
  • Identify who are the Formal Influencers in your workplace
  • Identify who are the informal Influencers in your workplace
  • Understand the politics of your workplace and position yourself accordingly
We’ve taken the best from our Team Leadership, Culture and Productivity content, to select the right mix of modules that encourages self-awareness so that your staff may take better care of their health and well-being and create a happier and healthier workplace.

Tailoring – make it your own

All Skillpod modules are customisable to your people, your place and your brand for content that your team will relate to.

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Anton Ashcroft
Anton Ashcroft 

Registered psychologist. With his expertise in neuroscience we have created content with science-based strategies for building resilience, and an understanding of the effects resilience can take on your brain at an organic level. 

Timothy Giles

Resilience coach and researcher. Timothy’s personal experience of two TBI (traumatic brain injuries) have given him a unique take on resilience and an understanding of how resilience is unique to each person but that all people are resilient. 

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