The Resilient Mindset

The resilient mindset module turns on its head the “one size fits all” approach common in discussions on resilience. It helps you understand that our different life experiences have led us to all have very different levels of resilience, and what we do have in common is the ability to build up our resilience no matter how low it may be.

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Learning time: 10-15 mins

The Resilient Mindset module has been created for your employees with input from a resilience coach so they have everything they need in one place to help them expand upon their resilience skills in a way that is pertinent to them.
It takes you through:

  • The standard definition of “resilience”
  • Defining what resilience means to you as an individual
  • How to manage your personal triggers 
Tailoring options:

Like all Skillpod modules, this module is ready to use immediately, or can be tailored to suit the specifics of your business and staff by including relevant information such as:

  • Any particular support services, websites or communication channels you would like your staff to be aware of 
  • Your branding and images to contextualise it to your business and field

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