Supporting a culture of safety

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Everyone deserves to feel safe and respected at work, but this isn’t always the case. This module will enable your team to identify and address behaviours that are both harmful to others, and against company culture. They will learn how to be an ally to their co-workers, as well as where to go for support from management, and can actively contribute to building a culture they can be proud of.

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Learning time: 10-15 mins

Have your teams actively contribute to a company culture they can be proud of, with training on identifying and addressing behaviours that are both harmful to others, and against company culture. This module covers: 

  • What bullying, harassment and discrimination can look like
  • What we can do to ensure it is not tolerated
  • How we can support our peers who may be facing these issues
Tailoring Options:

Like all Skillpod modules, this module is ready to use immediately, or can be tailored to suit the specifics of your business and staff by including relevant information such as:

  • Any particular support services, websites or communication channels you would like your staff to be aware of 
  • Your branding and images to contextualise it to your business and field

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