When electricity distributor Powerco asked us to get privacy training up and running for all of their people in preparation for a major privacy law change, we were excited to take on the challenge.

Why the Privacy Act 2020 is a big deal

The NZ Privacy Act 2020 brings stronger protection to personal information in the digital age.

It has big implications for New Zealand businesses, and employees working with personal information need to understand the Act and the right way to look after personal data.

One of the major changes in the Act is that businesses will be liable for privacy breaches, rather than individual employees. 

The Act, which came into effect on 1 December, introduces a new privacy breach notification regime. If a business has a privacy breach that it believes has caused (or is likely to cause) serious harm, it must notify the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and affected individuals as soon as possible. 

Understanding Powerco’s unique challenges and priorities

With around 1.1 million customers, Powerco manages a huge amount of personal information. 

Handling this information correctly and securely according to the new law is incredibly important to Powerco, and something they want their customers to feel confident about. 

That’s why they decided to invest in a training programme to ensure all of their staff have a good understanding of the law, and the right knowledge to apply it in real situations.

One of their key business priorities is to make sure their people understand the details of the mandatory data breach reporting. 

As a large organisation, they were looking for a solution that could be delivered quickly and easily to their 600 employees. Given the fairly complex and niche topic, the content needed to be engaging and memorable.

The solution had to integrate with Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, track learners’ progress and provide detailed reporting on completion rates back to the business.

Enter Skillpod’s NZ Privacy Act 2020 online training package

To address Powerco’s specific needs and challenges, we designed a tailored NZ Privacy Act 2020 training package

With no Learning Management System in the business, we also had the freedom to co-design a portal that integrated with Powerco’s current systems and processes.

Easy, one-click login makes training accessible for everyone

The learning journey starts with simple access to the training platform via a secure Azure login. 

We wanted to make the experience as painless as possible for Powerco learners. By simplifying the login to a one-step process, we removed some of the technology frustration that is often a barrier to delivering workplace training.

 “It was so easy, one click and you’re right there!”

“We have just reviewed the training and we are in love with it – thank you!”

Using real-world scenarios to explain the key information privacy principles

Following an introductory module to get learners up to speed, the training focuses on a series of custom-built scenarios. These are based on real situations and experiences that Powerco employees might encounter:

The training covers the information privacy principles (IPPs) in the Act that relate to Powerco’s information management.

The power of a nudge

A powerful feature of the privacy training platform is the ability to monitor and re-engage learners with an automated ‘nudge’ email. 

This allows Powerco administrators to easily manage and track people in their learning journey, including motivating those who have not started or completed the training with reminder emails. 

Powerco also has access to real-time reporting on training progress, ensuring they meet their compliance requirements.

Powerco’s training journey

Standing up a robust privacy training platform in a short space of time is just the beginning for Powerco. 

With employee buy-in for the platform well established (we’re told they love it), Powerco is in a great position to get more Skillpod training courses up and running – whenever they need them.

Learn more about our NZ Privacy Act 2020 training package

If your organisation handles personal information, our privacy training package makes it easy for your people to understand the new reporting requirements under the 2020 NZ Privacy Act. 

You can even make it your own by tailoring the content for your specific organisational challenges. 

Learn more about our privacy courses.