Performance management training for managers

Our performance management training for managers helps leaders provide clear expectations & strategies. Want to know more about our performance
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Performance management course learning outcomes

Learning outcomes for this performance management course include:

  • Understand the correct process for guiding a staff member through a Performance Improvement Plan.
  • Ensure the employment rights and obligations of all parties are protected.
  • Develop a Performance Improvement Plan to create a positive experience and outcome for your staff member.
  • Identify opportunities to mentor and create buy-in from your staff member to achieve a better outcome for them and the business.
  • Create a strategy to actively support your staff member through the performance management process.

Grow your team with positive performance management

Effective performance management should channel your people in the right direction and help managers navigate difficult conversations with clear and positive guidance—so small performance issues don’t become larger issues.

Collaborate with your staff members to develop a road map and avoid the common mistakes managers and team leaders make when addressing under-performance. With the proper approach, performance management can be a positive and enriching experience for all involved.

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Good depth & generation of awareness.

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