Grow your business with powerful team communication


Tailored for your people, your place and your brand.

Our aim is to help companies like yours create a strong culture where people are encouraged to learn as part of their everyday job.

Make your communication training simple by assembling the right combination of modules to match the needs of your business.

Skillpod micro-modules are 15-minute, bite-sized chunks of elearning that can be done anytime, anywhere.

All Skillpod micro-modules are also 100% tailorable to your specific needs. so your people can relate them to their job (or everyday)

Blended delivery so your online training connects with your real world


1. Assessment of need

We will meet with you and your team to unlock the potentional you are looking for

  • Unpick the business pain and explore what is contributing to this
  • Understand what the skills or knowledge gaps are
  • Define what the expected outcomes for the learning programme
  • Identify relevant Skillpod micro-modules for the learning programme
  • Identify additional resources or implementation guidance as needed.

Without a proper assessment of need, the learning programme risks missing the mark

2. Customised curation
Fully tailorable to suit your learning environment

Based on your specific needs, we develop a learning package tailored to your organisational goals.

Our offerings include

  • Simple expertly curated programmes
  • Tailored programmes specific to your needs, built from of range of micro-modules, and
    • Insert your own branding, company colours and logos
    • Include specific images that reflect your context
    • Include your own keywords and jargon
    • Add scenarios to reflect what actually happens at your company
    • Tailoring is a great way to create connection and relevance without having to create the learning from scratch
  • Build a custom programme using a learning and development experts to build a programme that is unique to your organizational needs
3. Implementation
It’s one thing to have good, purposeful training, but how will it be rolled out?

We will help you with an implementation plan to get your team onboard and excited about the learning opportunities. Eliminate potential roadblocks and maximise buy-in by discussing:

  • Communication strategy
  • Timeframe for learning
  • Set up, monitoring and follow up procedures
  • Responsibilities and expectations
  • Tracking and reporting
4. Evaluation and ROI
It’s important to understand to what extent the learning programme has achieved its objectives.

All our packages come with meaningful reporting and analytics built in that let you clearly see the difference your personalised learning programme is making to your business.

  • Analytics, data and completion rates
  • Feedback and observation
  • Reflection on what learning has happened and what has changed or will change as a result
  • Further learning opportunities and needs

Reporting happens at the end of the programme but evaluation should really be happening throughout the programme. Good evaluation helps us gauge what is working, and what changes should be made.



At Skillpod we pick and mix the learning you need and match this to the delivery that is right for your people

  • Skillpod micro-module templates
  • Curation and tailoring
  • Reporting and ROI (included in module price)
  • Assessment of need
  • Skillpod micro-module templates
  • Curation and tailoring
  • Implementation strategy
  • Reporting and ROI (included in module price)

By using Skillpod programmes and modules you gain access to professional learning programmes created by subject and learning experts.


We offer a wide array of prebuilt programmes that can be customised to your needs, from onboarding, through productivity and performance training, to leadership development, wellness and Unconscious Bias.

Click on the programmes below to find out more

Microbyte Modules

Want a more personalised programme?

Skillpod specialises in micro-learning. Make your communication and training simple by assembling the right combination of modules to match the needs of your business.

Each Skillpod micro-module is a 15-minute, bite-sized chunk of elearning that can be done anytime, anywhere and includes all related assets like videos, images, and so on to deliver an engaging and usable learning experience.

All Skillpod micro-modules are also 100% tailorable to your specific needs.

Communication at Work

Discover the appropriate methods to communicate ideas and information to the different levels in your business, and develop a positive internal and external communication style with your team.

Supporting a Culture of Safety

Everyone deserves to feel safe and respected at work, but this isn’t always the case. This module will enable your team to identify and address behaviours that are both harmful to others, and against company culture.

Working with Remote Teams

The Working in Remote Teams module helps businesses 'work smarter not harder' by keeping people connected and moving in the same direction, when not everyone is in the office.

Can’t find anything that’s right for you in the Skillpod Library? That’s ok, ask the Smarties at Smartwork Creative to build award winning bespoke online training that will be just right for your needs.

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