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Learn how to navigate the delicate balance of a formal performance improvement plan.

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With a clear understanding of the business’ goals, people leaders can guide their teams to best reach the desired outcomes with easy to implement strategies that create a positive opportunity to mentor an underperforming staff member toward their potential.

We’ve taken the best from our Team Leadership and Performance content, to select the right mix of modules to help people leaders create a safe environment for staff to be encouraged to better their performance through up-skilling with guidance from their leader.

What could be a stressful situation for all can, in fact, be a wonderful opportunity to build trust and confidence, and reward success. 

These 4 modules have been handpicked by our instructional designer and contains 1 hour of learning.

influencing others
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Influencing others is a great introductory module for your leadership team to learn how to communicate their ideas and suggestions to clients, customers, colleagues, and staff by maximising their interpersonal skills.

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify their personal influencing style
  • Know when to adopt a different style to suit their audience and meet their goals
  • Overcome resistance to their ideas or suggestions with proven techniques
navigating workplace politics
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Navigating workplace politics teaches you to use both your formal and informal influence to become a positive change-maker in your team and workplace. Learn to make the most of your workplace relationships in a way that is healthy and respectful.

Learning outcomes:

  • Better understand the benefits of positive workplace politics
  • Identify who are the Formal Influencers in your workplace
  • Identify who are the informal Influencers in your workplace
  • Understand the politics of your workplace and position yourself accordingly
mentoring your team
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The Mentoring your team module will help your people leaders set the benchmark of expected behaviours and standards, and turn difficult conversations into mentoring opportunities.

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify opportunities for mentoring
  • Support teams and individuals achieve their goals
  • Support team members with inconsistent behaviours while they make the changes they need
  • Give constructive and timely feedback that gets heard
minimising conflict in the workplace
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Minimising conflict in the workplace is an essential skill for any employee. We spend so much of our week at work it is important our relationships with coworkers are healthy and respectful.

Learning outcomes:

  • Set expectations around behaviours to minimise conflict
  • Go through the process of effectively dealing with disagreements
  • Identify who to ask for assistance when dealing with disagreements
This package will lead you through the step-by-step process of a formal performance improvement plan to ensure you meet all your legal obligations to help your staff member clearly understand the process and take ownership of their part in it.

It outlines the steps you need to follow and the communications that need to take place, how to best use the support and resources available through HR, as well as how to encourage  the staff member to take ownership of their development.

Tailoring – make it your own

All Skillpod modules are customisable to your people, your place and your brand for content that your team will relate to.

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