Team Leadership training

Empower your people with confidence
to build teams that work together productively.

Learning Outcomes
  • Assess and apply soft leadership skills appropriate to your team or staff’s needs
  • Demonstrate positive culture-changing behaviours and values
  • Effectively communicate with all staff and stakeholders to create trust and engagement
  • Manage and maintain positive, productive workplace relationships within teams and staff
  • Drive effective team processes and practices to meet organisational goals or KPIs

Research shows that workers who feel empowered by their team leaders often have greater motivation, output and self-efficacy than those without effective team leadership.

Support your leaders and managers with online training so that they can get the best out of their team and work towards your strategic objectives.

Create empathy, focus and clarity with practical and engaging leadership training modules that aim to create a positive working environment, overcome conflict, and solve issues effectively.

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Skillpod’s Leadership training content has been grown with

NZ Marine ITO

Recently awarded the title of having the Best Apprenticeship Training Programme in the world by the Global Marine Industry, NZ Marine ITO is privileged to support an industry that has proven they are the best in the biz for Team Leadership training.
Skillpod has turned this highly engaging content into an immersive experience that educates, motivates and inspires both people leaders and their teams, across all business sectors. We are confident that this partnership will grow your people and increase productivity through staff reaching their full potential.