Pandemic action plan

Create effective communication strategies for your people

These tools have been designed to help you guide the conversation for adapting day to day business operations in the challenging environment we now find ourselves in. They will help your team to work remotely, recognise their resilience and stay productive during this time of disruption.

We all need clear direction and communication now more than ever. Develop and implement an action plan for you and your staff to keep moving forward.

This module has been created so everything you need is in one place to stay productive and responsive. 

  • Create an action plan by identifying and addressing what aspects of your business would be affected when staff need to self-isolate.
  • Communicate relevant policies and procedures to your team to help them understand what their rights and obligations are during the disruption.
  • Identify methods to keep everyone working together while working remotely.
  • Maintain a positive culture and establish new temporary norms during what can be a difficult period for your staff and business.
  • Communicate with your customers and clients effectively and convey confidence.
Employee's guide for COVID-19: COVID-19 for employees

Also available

Explore the Employee’s guide to COVID-19. The perfect tool to share your Action Plan with your staff and keep them informed of their employment rights and obligations during a period where they may need to self-isolate.


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From our range of templated online training you can build a response package specifically for your team.

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