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Leadership is no longer about being directive or authoritative. The modern workforce requires leadership that is relationship based, and shows an interest in the career development of its people.


Mentoring your team towards success creates opportunities for individuals to grow and become self-directed, build positive relationships and influence others. This in turn gives leaders the space to focus on what’s really important for business growth and allows them the space to improve their own skills.

These 7 modules have been handpicked by our instructional designer and contain 1.75 hours of learning.

setting professional standards
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Setting professional standards for your team will introduce your leadership team to the soft skills needed to role model positive workplace behaviours, and mentor their teams to adopt those behaviours.

Learning outcomes:

  • The difference between a ‘leader’ and a ‘manager’ and the impact this has on rapport
  • What creates a team’s culture and how to influence it
  • Setting the expectations and behaviours for your team with practical tips that can be actioned immediately
building positive relationships
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Creating a healthy team dynamic while staying productive can be challenging, so we designed the Building Positive Relationships module to show you there are many things you can do to encourage your team to create strong, supportive working  environments.

Learning outcomes:

  • What positive workplace relations actually are and the benefits to your business
  • How to build positive workplace relationships in a way that is genuine and organic
mentoring your team
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The Mentoring your team module will help your people leaders set the benchmark of expected behaviours and standards, and turn difficult conversations into mentoring opportunities.

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify opportunities for mentoring
  • Support teams and individuals achieve their goals
  • Support team members with inconsistent behaviours while they make the changes they need
  • Give constructive and timely feedback that gets heard
influencing others
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Influencing others is a great introductory module for your leadership team to learn how to communicate their ideas and suggestions to clients, customers, colleagues, and staff by maximising their interpersonal skills.

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify their personal influencing style
  • Know when to adopt a different style to suit their audience and meet their goals
  • Overcome resistance to their ideas or suggestions with proven techniques
navigating workplace politics
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Navigating workplace politics teaches you to use both your formal and informal influence to become a positive change-maker in your team and workplace. Learn to make the most of your workplace relationships in a way that is healthy and respectful.

Learning outcomes:

  • Better understand the benefits of positive workplace politics
  • Identify who are the Formal Influencers in your workplace
  • Identify who are the informal Influencers in your workplace
  • Understand the politics of your workplace and position yourself accordingly
the resilient mindset
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Everyone deserves to feel safe and respected at work, but this isn’t always the case. This module will enable your team to identify and address behaviours that are both harmful to others, and against company culture. They will learn how to be an ally to their co-workers, as well as where to go to for support from management, and can actively contribute to building a culture they can be proud of.

Learning outcomes:

  • what bullying, harassment and discrimination can look like
  • what we can do to ensure it is not tolerated
  • how we can support our peers who may be facing these issues
minimising conflict in the workplace
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Train your people leaders in the essential skill of minimising conflict in the workplace by maintaining healthy and respectful relationships with coworkers and to elevate stress by leading staff in resolving disagreements.

Learning outcomes:

  • Set expectations around behaviours to minimise conflict
  • Go through the process of effectively dealing with disagreements
  • Identify who to ask for assistance when dealing with disagreements
Leaders that engage and relate to their teams are better equipped for increasing their teams’ success. We’ve taken the best from our Leadership and Culture content, to select the right mix of modules that builds on your leaders soft-skills so they can help their teams grow as individuals, and create more opportunities for success.

Tailoring – make it your own

All Skillpod modules are customisable to your people, your place and your brand for content that your team will relate to.

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