Adapt to the changing environment by developing a culture of learning at your place

New Zealand has had a lot of firsts; first to allow women to vote, first to be nuclear free and now first to be COVID free. But the hard part is yet to come and we are going to have to deal with both the good and the bad. As a country we have had a goal that we have all worked towards and achieved together, Kotahitanga, our ‘can do’ attitude has won. Now we need adaptability to conquer the next step. If we adapt and adopt a learning mindset as individuals will develop our culture of learning as a nation, through this we can encourage growth through many aspects of life. 

Uncertainty has been unavoidable and the fear lingers like a bad smell. For some this uncertainty has evolved from ‘what if i lose my job’ to ‘what if I can’t find a new job’, for others it has developed into ‘I still have my job but now I have more responsibilities.’ As Kiwis we are ‘being kind’ but we need action behind the feeling to win this recovery phase. Without action there is no way to move forward and with no vision we cannot begin to rebuild.

The socio-economic gap has expanded and become more prominent. For us here at Smartwork Creative and Skillpod the goal now is in working together towards bridging the gap with the power of connection. Using our skills and technology to level the playing field, create digital literacy and share knowledge in an accessible way. 

A learning mindset gives everyone the encouragement to constantly question what they think they know. To have the courage to question, be wrong and to be curious, making mistakes takes confidence. If we all have this mindset, then as a community we can work towards answers together which will benefit all people, breaking the socioeconomic barrier. 

A good business will recognise the difficulties staff face when they have to be retrained, and the need to provide opportunities for them to up-skill. This may mean developing their potential beyond the original job they were hired for with the understanding you risk them leaving after learning these new skills. Statistics from Horizons 2020 show that 67% of employees believe they must continuously re-skill themselves to stay in their career, and 58% believe they will have a new career within five years. Opportunities for development and learning are becoming increasingly important when considering the desirability of a workplace. 

In New Zealand, we have proved that radical change can occur. We know it means working as a team to create a vision for the nation and currently Vision Week NZ is increasing this awareness. This conversation needs to be loud and led by the younger generations who are the future of work. What path do they want to travel? Where does that road lead us? Who is going to drive the journey? And how does all of this connect with business? 

As a learning culture continues to be driven by the evolution of technology, dinosaur thinking such as pay gaps due to race and sex, will come to an end. It’s up to businesses to decide if they’ll be at the front of the revolution or a sad straggler. Survival is no longer acceptable for people, they need to know that they have the option to thrive through up-skilling processes being available and a boss who accepts that work and personal life is connected. 

So if having more human connections is a given to thrive and survive then there must still be a profit. As a business by driving a culture of learning you enable your people, your place and your brand to be more productive and effective. As a business, through a learning mindset they are becoming the future of your business.

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a seedling growing through 6 stages out of soil from right to left as a symbol of growing your people with online training